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24.12.2016 02:31
It’s been just over 12 months that Webinar Jam introduced a new webinar and web video conferencing software platform to the market and in so doing broke new ground in what was possible with live broadcasts on the web. In this article we review Webinar Jam Studio, the new updated and upgraded webinar software that appears to have created quite a stir in the marketing world and among those savvy few who are heavily dependant on webinars to push their business brand and marketing message online. Webinar product developers, Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins of WebinarJam revealed 7 new powerful STUDIO features that are available in their new updated and upgraded Webinar Jam Studio.

We think you’ll agree, their new platform is literally re-defining what a webinar is and how it can be used. When we first reviewed the original Webinar Jam platform, we speculated that because it was predicated on Google’s powerhouse platform, Google Hangouts, Webinar Jam would ‘continually evolve and make available new ways to connect with online audiences.’

However, to be honest we were taken aback at the level of new innovation, in particular how you can now engage and interact with webinar attendees in ways never before possible. Webinar Jam Studio takes the webinar concept and morphs it to deliver network broadcast features. And yet incredibly, despite all these amazing very cool additional tools, the product owners have somehow still kept it dead simple to use. Let us now summarise these incredibly powerful new innovations….You can then decide for yourself whether it is worth your while to check out the full story and learn about some of the other incredible free bonuses that are included during pre-launch week only. This amazing feature allows a webinar administrator to invite ANY webinar attendee to become a guest, host or presenter at any time during the broadcast. Did I mention that webinarjam delivers network broadcast features? Well, with this Spotlight feature you get personal broadcasting deliverability. Imagine being able to invite anyone in the audience, for example you may want to interview your prospects to answer their specific questions or objections, or perhaps to ask them why they bought, or what they liked most about your product. Instantly you create authority and earn trust. What better way to sell your product or service than with live social proof. I think you’ll agree that there’s no easier way to sell something than to get others to do it for you! On a good webinar, you’re going to demonstrate, your going to teach, you’re going to interact and make offers, & ultimately sell things. Most video conferencing tools on the market allow you to do that using your web camera, your presentation software and by screen-sharing with webinar jam official your audience. But here’s how Webinar Jam Studio is different: Imagine being able to craft and present, as a live broadcast, your perfect highly polished demonstration with no errors or technical problems. Or your best sales offers, pitch and closes with no mistakes. With Video Engine, you can now repeat that perfect presentation on every encore webinar you do. All you have to do is start up your live broadcast. Do your meet and greets. Press play on a pre-recorded video, to broadcast that perfect pre-recorded presentation. Then at the end, jump back in for the live Q&A. So now you can do away with those bad hair-day live presentations and instead produce your perfect pitch every time. This is like having your own personal On-Demand TV Studio.


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